What is your Exchange process?

Didn't fit? no problem..we offer free exchanges for our customers =)

Step 1: Process your Exchange

Submit a ticket (Submit Ticket link)

Step 2: Print your Pre Paid return label

You will be emailed a pre-paid return label by email or text. You will need access to a printer. (Note: Labels automatically void in 10 calendar days.)

Step 3: Package the products

Products must be returned in the original packaging. You can use your original CharroAzteca.com box you received, or any plain, unmarked cardboard box/Bag to ship your return. Please include your packing slip with your exchange to help us locate your order#.

Step 4: Shipping your Exchange

Tape your USPS return label to your box then drop it off at any USPS Post Office locations. Once you drop off your return at USPS, please allow 4-5 business days for your return to reach our warehouse.

To find the nearest Post Office click here: https://m.usps.com/m/POLocatorAction

Once the Fulfillment center has received and inspected your Exchange (Usually within 48 hours of receipt) your exchange will be processed and you will receive an email confirmation with a new Shipping Tracking #

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